Space Retreats

“My first ‘Space’ retreat was a life changing event for me. I had arrived completely exhausted doubting my destiny and the call on my life, and in real need of His voice and direction. I wasn’t disappointed. Throughout the retreat God spoke very clearly to me affirming me as his daughter and releasing the prophetic voice that was buried deep. There are relationships that were formed through ‘Space’ that are still vital to me today.” 

Angie H., Hull

“The retreats have been a really key and pivotal event for me over the years, especially my first time or two. The main fruit of it has been to release me into more confidence in who I am, what I’m called into, and into greater freedom and creativity. It is truly wonderful and rare, to have a completely unmanned, unstructured, no agenda’d few days, where the Spirit of Truth is actually given freedom to bring the things of heaven to earth. It takes guts and wisdom to host/enable such an event.” 

Myrtle L., Yate 

“My wife and myself attended a ‘Space’ retreat and were so glad to experience this time set aside with ‘no agendas’ other than to have ‘Space’ and uncluttered time to rest, worship, pray, and be still before God. The retreat centres are always designed to facilitate this ethos. We have been a few times and enjoyed detoxing from my to-do list and getting a time apart to be quiet and still and enjoy being with other pioneers to sense the Spirit’s guidance and crucially to be refreshed. These retreats have always been with people who I knew instantly could be trusted and many became friends. We really respect Jonathan and Pam for their leadership and vision for these unique events. They utilise their God given gifts of leadership to facilitate the divine encounter in these times, and every time they speak you are ready to listen.” 

Jason & Ali S., Northern Ireland

“‘Space’ retreats for us have always been a priority both relationally and in our diary. The space that we have experienced at these retreats has been so wonderful and has so benefitted us. They are a must ‘go to’, just to come aside and relax in the presence of divine love and presence. That really has always been the focus of these events. Jon and Pam have been at the forefront of this vision, pioneering it from its earliest days to the powerful influence is now is for many people.” 

Dave and Ruth H., Leicester

“Space retreats have literally been a ‘godsend’. Each time I have been I have been challenged and encouraged to discover who God made me to be, and to explore my gifting in a life affirming environment – highly recommended even for the faint hearted and definitely for the weary.” 

Sara H., Reading

“These retreats are like no other I’ve ever been to. Any anxiety about how to fit in/ conform/behave just fell away as soon as we arrived. Jonnie and Pam somehow create a space where “come as you are, be as you are” really does apply. No pressure. The only agenda they have is to allow folk to relate to and experience God in whatever way they need to at that particular time. That seems to free everyone up with the result that no one is trying to prove anything and the “connections are easy, genuine and heartfelt. Divine encounter has been deep and transformative. Life-affirming friendships have been formed which are enduring beyond the retreat context.” 

Jo and Roger H., Cheltenham

Retreat at Olivers

“It was all amazing and immensely worthwhile – It was life changing. I give it 11 out of 10!”


 “Thank you seems so inadequate for what turned out to be a God-send for me. It was like it had been tailor made for me and the ‘presence’ of God was so incredible. The format was innovative and refreshing.”


“A fabulous mixture of eating, praying, talking and reflecting. Very good value for money. Nutritious food both physical and spiritual. I want to come again. It was led very sensitively which was brilliant .”


 “Friendly, welcoming, inspiring, affordable and great food”



“Like the ‘sons of Issachar’ Jon and Pam Bugden carry a powerful anointing to discern the times and seasons. Both of them love and believe in people and have the incredible gift of being able to draw out the gold in those who are blessed to spend time with them. I can honestly say that meeting these two awesome people has enriched my life immensely. They have played a massive part in a strategic season of shaping as they have been used to speak into my life. I highly recommend them to you. 

Angie L., Hull

“We have found that any time we have spent in consultation with Jonathan and Pam has been so insightful as well as encouraging. It is always a safe place and never about them, but always about identity and destiny and God’s heart for us. We love them and always value their gentleness and encouragement.” 

Dave and Ruth H., Leicester

“Jonathan and Pam are motivators, instigators, and collaborators as well as stirrers of passion and belief, with a resulting commitment and ability in those nurtured. From time to time we have consulted with them and their heart has been to make room for us to grow out, to reveal what God has planted to be released and to be seen. We value their inputs and their positioning to be there only to hold back the dust or the muck pushing down on us – so we could stand in what we are called as, to shelter from the storm that has stopped us from being seen, but not shield the divine life-wind that reveals God’s movement, shaping and flowing shown clearly. They are great people to allow to encounter, to pass through, to touch, to come alongside … and to learn from. THANK YOU!” 

Rick and Siobhan L., Cork, Ireland


“It was such a safe place and so beautiful! I got a great deal out of the three days and the way they were structured with so much space to reflect. I don’t think it could have been any better. It is a glorious place with amazing food and a haven of peace for the soul. I will be back!”



“This was such a thoughtfully prepared and run retreat. It was stimulating and encouraging whilst being gentle and homely. An ideal atmosphere for being reflective and vulnerable. Delicious food and fab accommodation.”


“As pioneering church leaders we have been involved in church planting in both Dublin and in Northern Ireland. Jonathan and Pam are great friends and people who have truly cared for us and our family. We respect their spiritual discernment in particular. They have been equipped and graced by the Lord to discern aspects of vision, spiritual warfare and matters of wisdom that need teased out and understood. Jonathan has brought unique perspectives that challenged the norm and the status quo and I really benefitted from that. Pam is a gentle warrior of God who loves deeply and this too is a tremendous well of refreshing. Together they complement one another brilliantly. Jonathan has been very generous in helping resource us with material over the past few years. I am delighted that they now going full time into a new season as spiritual parents with a unique cutting edge like few others we have met. Great people and gifts to strengthen ministries and birth dynamic Spirit filled churches for this hour.” 

Jason & Ali S., Magherafelt